18 November 2012

Commissioning Solutions

Providing comprehensive commissioning solutions

RD3 is a Certified Commissioning Authority with ACG, Certified Building Commissioning Professional with AEE, and provides comprehensive building commissioning, functional performance testing, and energy modeling services as an integrated component of the Quality Assurance program for your new construction, major renovations, and retro and re-commissioning. Our focus is to extract and transfer to operations the highest possible operational readiness and performance.

RD3 has been recognized nationally for their innovative and effective delivery of commissioning services. RD3’s patented business methods and commissioning approach uses a comprehensive integration of the entire facility life cycle from raw materials, manufactured goods, design, construction / installation, operations, and salvage and disposal. The RD3 approach aligns the team and project around: the owner’s performance requirements, the design, systems & equipment selection, execution, functional testing, operational hand off, and the necessary components for sustained and ongoing high performance. This approach maximizes the outcomes at the lowest possible cost to the owner.

RD3 combines its powerful commissioning approach with its mobile solutions (DCAT®) to drive greatest benefit from the commissioning process. Our vast experience in facilities management and operations allows our commissioning teams to anticipate and correct issues before they become a problem. RD3 are experts in the LEED® related commissioning for prerequisite, enhanced services, and measurement and verification.

Our commissioning covers the full spectrum of buildings systems and equipment. Following is a partial list:


  • Air Handling Units
  • Chillers
  • Compressors
  • Cooling Towers
  • DC Rectifier Systems
  • Fans
  • Electrical distribution & panels
  • PDUs


  • Boilers
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Condensors
  • CRAC and CRAW Units
  • Displacement Ventilation
  • Fire Protection
  • Building Envelope
  • Medical Gas
  • UPS


RD3 is a member in good standing of:


5 Comments on “Commissioning Solutions

19 December 2012 at 7 h 25 min

RD3 was awarded commissioning job at MICROSOFT B11 Chiller Plant replacement.

19 December 2012 at 7 h 24 min

RD3 was awarded commissioning job of a US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) job for the Tackle Vehicle Wash Rack Complex in Fort Hunter Liggett, CA.

26 September 2012 at 14 h 03 min

RD3 was awarded the Mercy Housing California Commissioning for the 7th & H, Sacramento, CA Project; 115 Unit Mid-Rise multifamily new construction development.

21 September 2012 at 14 h 09 min

RD3 was awarded the commissioning agent for the Microsoft Multi Lab VFD install commissioning.

22 August 2012 at 14 h 11 min

RD3 was retained as the Commissioning Authority for the new Children’s Hospital Colorado South Campus construction in the area of Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

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