22 September 2011


VIZu Forms (Cloud Based Solution)

The Mobile Forms solution is a 100% mobile Smartphone application that lets users complete their inspection and questionnaire forms on their smart devices with web based user / admin portal. The smart device application (app) is functional on all major platform operating systems (Apple [iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch], Android, Microsoft Mobile, Blackberry, and Palm).  Your field users will have easy access to all forms (with or without cell/WiFi coverage). This allows you to deploy the mobile solution immediately to any person, your users, subcontractors, or partners, without having to invest in new smart device hardware.

Upon completion of a form it is sent instantly to web / cloud database; provided that a wireless network is present.  No network conductivity? Your teams can still complete the forms and input all the information. The Mobile Forms is an application local to the Smartphone and available at all times. The data is automatically transmitted as soon as the Smartphone has access to the network. There is no reason to wait to mobilize your workforce, standardize data collection, and streamline your business activities. Implementing and using Mobile Forms is easy and very affordable The Solution leverages your existing Smartphone devices and is based on a fixed monthly service fee per user with unlimited number of forms and unlimited depth of data collection hierarchy. The creation of forms has features that allow users to incorporate drawings, photos, digital voice notes, electronic signatures, and barcode scanning.

The information collected using the Smartphone is automatically transmitted and synchronized with the server via the Web once the wireless network is found. The data is then instantly transmitted in a report to you for review and processing.

Each completed form submitted is converted into a PDF and emailed or faxed to up to 5 destinations for instant feedback. These destinations can be optional or fixed to allow strict control and modification as needed.

VIZu Toolbox (Integrated Solution to Your Enterprise Backend)Integarted Forms Brochure Image v1.2

The Integrated Forms solution is the best mobility development platform in the market place tailored specifically for IT/IS departments to ‘mobilize their enterprise databases’.

The Toolbox empowers any IT/IS department to be totally self-directed in the integration and deployment of a ‘mobile module’ to their existing enterprise systems. You will leverage the Toolbox platform and our embedded expertise to create, deploy, dispatch, reassign, modify and retrieve mobile forms and reports for Smartphone / tablet devices using only web services and XML data transfer; no programming needed, just simple bidirectional XML data transfer protocols.

You can deploy a complete mobile solution without ever writing a single line of code for a Smartphone / tablet across BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile®, Apple® (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Mini), and Android devices. The IF solution lets you focus on the important part of your business and remove the challenges associated with mobile app coding, synchronization, network detection, remote reinstallation, data encryption / compression and Smartphone / tablet based development.

The Toolbox solutions comes with a 100% Web based management / testing console for easy deployment with a variety of tools and functionality: web user & mobile user profile management, security / rights, auto-instruction delivery to new mobile users by email / SMS, testing and diagnostic tools, and much more. The Toolbox solution does NOT duplicate existing enterprise solutions and functionality providing a platform to ‘mobilize your enterprise data’ directly to and from your field teams.

The Toolbox will allow you to pull data from one or many of your existing databases / repositories, pre-populate mobile forms, dispatch, reroute to another User, track User activities, 128bits SSL encryption, and much more.

The Toolbox mobile forms has the same level of functionality and field types (see Mobile Forms Overview) with other added capabilities, such as skip / hidden questions, GPS tracking, and other features. The mobile forms works flawlessly in online and offline situations; User do not have to have network or Wi-Fi coverage to continue to work.

The Toolbox is cost effective: no initiation cost, a fixed cost per user, limited initial investment (your IT team’s time) to get started you will optimize and simplify your field team activities. The applications are truly endless.