Consulting Services

Management Consulting Services

RD3’s management consulting services is focused on the specific needs and requirements of each client. RD3 support you to bridge the gap between a business opportunity to an optimized business restructuring and a technology solution without making it a daunting task. At RD3, we specialize in bringing strategy to life in your enterprise and business systems.

RD3 uses the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), Six Sigma and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies to provide an end-to-end approach that supports you through every stage making the impossible – manageable. Our team develop a data substantiated business case that drives decisions always focused on one or all of the ‘triple bottom line’. RD3 gathers the technical requirements, provides proven project management oversight , and manages new technology and applications that make a real difference for your business.


In these times of economic constraint and improvement initiatives executives need to demonstrate their organization’s value. The yardstick to assess business functions varies greatly and often do not accurately gauge performance. Executives turn to RD3 to instead assist by providing meaningful and thought out comparisons – “Benchmarking”. Benchmarking is rapidly becoming an indispensable tool for professionals as a mechanism to measure processes, practices and results against the competition or internally in order to improve overall performance. Used wisely, it can transform a organization and management strategies by showing how practices influence organizational performance.

The following link is a single business case example of the results of benchmarking.

Commercial Building Operations Benchmarking

Facilities Management Consulting

RD3 offers cost-effective facilities operations and maintenance consulting services that focus on enhancing the life-cycle and performance of your business systems and physical assets. These services are provided on a scalable basis through technically trained and service oriented staff.

RD3 offers a complete range of facilities management consulting services, including the following:
– Comprehensive Operations Programs,
– Operational Assessments
– Facilities / Property Inspection Programs (FORT)
– Operational Assessments
– Facilities Condition Assessments
– Physical / Capital Needs Assessments
– Outsourcing Feasibility Studies
– Strategic (Technical) Procurement
– Outsourcing Specifications/RFP’s/Transitional Management
– Software Needs Assessments/Specifications IFMS / CAFM / WOMS / CMMS Programs
– Clients Specific Training Programs
– Development / Construction Programs

Energy & Sustainability Management Consulting

RD3 offers energy and sustainability programs that drive to your “triple bottom line”.

‘Green’ or sustainability in facilities has a different meaning to different people. In the USA we typically refer to green when referring to things that impact natural resources the environment, energy, pollution, etc. A good Sustainable Development Program will address how an organization can improve in its sphere of influence the five capital areas: natural capital, human capital, social capital, manufactured capital, and financial capital. At RD3 we assist our clients in “driving their ‘triple bottom line’ to improve Profitability, the space occupied by the People in their buildings, and ultimately the Plant”.