Your facilities are the most important, in terms of value, and costly asset in your business and a large contributor to the success of your business. Over the life of a facility the ongoing operation and maintenance cost can be more the four times the cost of construction; even more so if run inefficiently. Marginal reductions in operational costs will amount to a significant competitive advantage.

It is known through history and case studies that organizations small and large can reduce their operations & service costs by up to 20% to 30% without serious effort. Frequently its easier to increase the profitability of a company by reducing operational costs than by increasing revenue / sales or turnover. For many businesses a 20% reduction can represent the same as a 5%+ increase in sales.

RD3 Facilities Solutions has a proven track record of identifying, developing, implementing and demonstrating operational savings. See the most recent results achieved in 1 year at Apartment Investment and Management Company – AIMCO (largest multi-family REIT, Fortune 1000, and S&P 500 Company).

RD3 Facilities Solutions patented business methods have significantly contributed to numerous successes that differentiate us from other companies. These streamlined approaches have been proven and demonstrated: speed of development & delivery, reduced cost of execution, ease of management & repeatability, and high quality outcomes. The many satisfied clients / owners recognize the RD3 Facilities Solution business methods are a direct reason for their higher than industry cost savings. RD3 Facilities Solutions has fresh ideas and practical approaches to help you them manage operations and service delivery.

RD3’s integrated facilities management services will offer you the following benefits:

  • High quality services tied to demonstrated performance in past experience
  • Measurable outcomes to support implemented changes
  • Improved operational performance tied to demonstrated positive movement in your bottom line
  • Qualifications: professional engineer, project management professional, leader in energy & environmental design, and in quality systems (e.g., TQM, GMP, Six Sigma, ISO)
  • Extensive operational experience in large, diverse, technically complicated, and geographically spread real estate portfolios