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Pocket Forms (Cloud Based Solution)

Pocket Forms is a standalone ‘out of the box’ web-based solution that can instantly deploy smart device mobile forms. The Pocket Forms servers have engines that automatically write the various native app code for the operating system (OS), create a cloud database associated to the form structure, and tie the database to the synchronization server to deploy the forms seamlessly. Pocket Forms can be created and deployed to field users in minutes with a full- featured web-based user portal to access the submitted mobile forms from the field. The solution literally has no need for incremental IT team support or on-going IT maintenance costs.

The ‘Integrated Forms’  & Work Flow – Pocket Forms Toolbox

The Pocket Forms (PF) Toolbox is a tool set used by for your IT team to fully and easily integrate your enterprise databases / systems that use any open protocol system (e.g., Oracle, SQL, Remedy, SharePoint, Access, SharePoint, etc.). The PF Toolbox server engine provides you the capability to populate a dispatch form with data pulled from different source systems and route it automatically to users (i.e., employees, vendors, consultants, etc.) according to your workflow processes. The PF Toolbox server has an engine that automatically writes the various native app code for the supported operating systems and dispatches / synchronizes them with the user’s smart devices in the field. The only IT support needed is the PF Toolbox command scripts (easily learned basic XML protocol) and the associated parsing and mapping of returning data. The PF Toolbox server allows your IT team to test and verify that scripts and commands are functioning as desired. Almost any workflow can be accommodated with the PF Toolbox server between your enterprise systems and your users in the field. 

White labeling and custom branding of the Pocket Forms App available – ask about White Labeling.Integarted Forms Brochure Image v1.2 Custom Web Portals / Applications / Management Workflow RD3 provides enterprise applications / solutions in support of your enterprise workflow and mobile user data collection, management, QC, translation and transmission to other enterprise repositories. Each portal is customized with the specific requirements to accomplish the necessary functions, user permissions and access, API, etc. The PF Toolbox server (see above) is used to connect your field users to your enterprise systems. The Management Web Portal provides further enhancements to your workflow through the creation of manual or automated notices, flagging, data review / editing, (re)dispatching of mobile forms, dataset approvals, API feeds, and other necessary functionality. RD3 builds a single login access point for all administrators, employees, vendors and sub-contractors with assigned permissions to ensure the appropriate access and security rights (i.e., view only, read/write, edit, dispatch, approvals, form templates).

Custom Mobile App’s

RD3 will also build custom mobile apps to accommodate specific user interfaces when the Toolbox cannot easily meet the desired solution. Although RD3 will discourage the creation of custom mobile apps, they are sometimes the most cost-effective approach for unique or non-linear workflows that have very particular graphical user interface requirements. During the evaluation and requirements gathering RD3 will advise your team of the best approaches to mobilizing your workforce. The following solution set is included in the provided fee structure:

  • Unlimited form templates
  • Unlimited transactions (user form submissions)
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Unlimited administrators and users access to the web portal(s)Checklist Vortex - Organge
  • Unlimited self-administration of users, forms, reports, IT clients and editing – no development costs or change fees
  • 1-800 technical support 24/7
  • All OS platform future-proofing is included (i.e., smart device software updates, patches, changes to an OS, new devices on the market, etc.

OS’s supported:

  • Apple iOS 
    • iPod Touch
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPad Mini
  • Android OS 
  • Palm OS (Can be added) 
  • Windows Mobile (Can be added)